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How Low-code Solutions Help Accelerate Industrial Machinery's Digital Transformation

How Low-code Solutions Help Accelerate Industrial Machinery's Digital Transformation

In the past few years, manufacturing has been buffeted by a host of digitally oriented trends.

Consumer-driven customization, smart machines, hyper automation and globalized competition pose a threat for any machine builder hampered by legacy processes. Traditional machine development methods can’t meet these trends in the moment. To stay relevant, machine builders must adopt emerging technologies that actively respond to supply, demand and industry shifts.

One such technology is low-code and multi-experience application development, which machine builders can use to create applications that complement existing software services. A low-code platform empowers machine builders to assemble digital experiences that simplify customer and consumer engagement, automate workflows across IT, OT and ET, and accelerate the development of digital services across the value chain. It provides the speed, flexibility and resilience to digitally transform and continuously improve their practices for operational excellence.

In this e-book, you will learn about:

  • The four major trends driving change for machine builders
  • Challenges that machine builders face as they futureproof their plans
  • Industry solutions that can overcome challenges and drive growth
  • What the future can look like with low-code solutions

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