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Document Management System

Keep All Your Documents in Order in One Place

Our efficient, simple and secure document management system is designed to easily store, share, manage and approve your documents. Stop wasting valuable time searching for documents and start using information collaboratively to work more productively. Affordable, Secure & User-Friendly DMS system for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Benefits of Implementing a DMS System

Reduce Paper & Storage Space

Switching from a manual paper-based system to a DMS system reduces the need to print physical copies of documents and to buy costly file cabinets. Implementing a DMS eliminates all of these hard costs

Saves Time

With a DMS system, all documents are in a centralized location. Keeping documentation centralized significantly increases efficiency as employees spend less time searching for and retrieving documents. It takes seconds to do tasks that would have otherwise taken minutes with a manual system.

Collaborate Effectively

Deploying a document management system helps you manage work collaboration and document control among your team members while keeping track of all changes made to the file. A DMS system improves and supports business processes considerably.

Safe & Secure

All your data assets is backed up and safely encrypted with a document management system. You can also set a customize password policy for your team members and set user permissions to manage document accessibility.

How Can a DMS System Help?

Document Filing

Arrange all your files by name, size, type, date modified, permission, status and author to make faster, better business decisions

Document Repository

Bring together documents from multiple locations and sources in a unified repository that keeps all parties on the same page

Document Version Control

Manage document lifecycle with versioning and track multiple versions of the same document in one place.

Document Sharing

Improve transparency without sacrificing convenience when employees share sensitive files outside the organization.

Document Tagging

Connect related documents by assigning tags that display information about the document’s context alongside it in editable fields

Document Search

Search for documents by keyword, identifying information, user name, and many other custom search types.

Function of a DMS System

Initial Problem

The manual storage of information on physical paper is extremely time-consuming as well as being a less cost effective option. Additionally, it slows down the productivity of your company. Compiling and searching through stacks of paper documents drags out your business processes unnecessarily and delay subsequent tasks and processes. Implementing a digital document management system helps your company to speed up processes dramatically.


DMS stands for document management with system. It is an enterprise information management tool that combines advanced document management and digital content management in one platform for the optimization of all document-based activities and boosts collaboration within your company. It empowers your employees with functions in processing, categorizing, and

DMS Software as a new Digital Filing System

DMS improves business processes with documents and data. Thus, our DMS solution provides a single document platform for all users. No matter where you are working from, our web-based DMS system offers your employees the ability to store & retrieve information and documents from anywhere, at anytime. For example, HR files, project management, contracts, invoices, accounts, compliance & legal documents.

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Downloads for Document Management System

White Paper

DMS Checklist

In this whitepaper, we provide you with a checklist with which you can select your suitable document management system step by step.


White Paper

Transforming Into A Paperless Office

In this whitepaper, you will learn how to reap the benefits of digital document management and successfully master the transformation to the paperless office.


White Paper

How To Create And Adapt Processes In Your DMS Quickly And Easily

Keep your company and business processes agile and flexible at all times.


Webinars for Document Management System

On-Demand Webinar

Simple Document Management with the Digital File

In this webinar you will get a comprehensive insight into how the digital file works, using the example of a project file, including a look at the software.


On-Demand Webinar

Document Management as an Investment for the Future

In the webinar we would like to show you that digital document processes pay off in terms of costs and productivity at short notice and also how you can quickly and easily implement a DMS in your company.


On-Demand Webinar

Navigating From Paper Rookie to Paperless Workflow Master

In this on-demand webinar, we will show you how you can easily digitise your processes, and transform from a paper rookie to a paperless workflow master!


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