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Data Capture

Quality Data Capture solution for OCR, ICR, OMR and other kinds of data processing.

While some retail companies have already started adopting e-payments, some are still relying on paper documentations. Our solution is designed to help retailers quickly digitise their documentations via quality scanning and data capture technologies. We help you accurately extract information from all sources, e.g. PDFs, paper forms, invoices, charts, images, barcodes etc., and allow you to efficiently handle your digital documents.

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Data Archiving

Archive your documents securely with our SAP certified enterprise content management solution.

Large quantity of data and documents are being processed daily in the retail industry, e.g. pricing and inventory sheets, logistics invoices and receipts, customer records and more. Accurate indexing and fast access to all these information is crucial to optimize customer experience. Our archiving solution provides an effective management of all documents in one central location, along with advanced search functions for easy retrieval of information, thus increasing your efficiency in handling documents.

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Customer Experience Management

Effectively manage customer requests to improving customer service and increase customer satisfaction.

Quickly attending to customers' requests, complaints and feedback is important to maintain customer satisfaction and continue being the top-of-mind brand. Our solution helps you better manage customer interactions by classifying them into categories, automatically routing them to the right person-in-charge, and sending alerts or escalation if cases are not resolved within a certain time frame. The collection of data accumulated can also be used to generate valuable insights for your business such as customers’ product preferences or the problems they encounter when using a service.

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Contract Management

Manage your contracts securely and efficiently.

Contract management is an important aspect of managing business relationships in any industry. Maintain a good relationship with suppliers and other distributors, and make the most out of agreement terms with our contract management solution. Our solution supports the complete life-cycle of a contract, from contract creation and acquisition to contract provision and termination. Store all your contracts in one central location to ensure the contracts are well-organized and easy to find.

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Human Resource Records Management

Automate and better manage your HR processes for maximum operational efficiency.

In the labour-intensive and fast pace retail environment, having a good HR management system is important to reduce your burden for admin matters. Our solution is designed to help you improve your HR operations more efficiently, via system automation. With us, you can customize your own recruitment process which may include auto-screening applications based on your defined criteria, easily manage leaves and claims approvals, store all employee documentations in a secure system, and more!

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Sponsorship Management

Increase efficiency and automate your sponsorship granting processes.

Many hospitals and medical centres now have their own sponsorship programs as part of their operations or CSR, e.g. financial sponsorship for courses, events, NGOs, start-ups and so forth. Requests for sponsorship can be overwhelming and consumes a lot of time to shortlist and get approvals. Our solution covers the process of managing sponsorship from retrieving and evaluating sponsorship requests to shortlisting eligible applicants and awarding them the sponsorships. And is designed to reduce manual labour and enable easier and faster confirmation of sponsorship requests.

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Invoice Processing

Fast & accurate invoice capture and archival.

Every educational institution needs a financial system that can enable them to manage and govern their finances efficiently. The solution that we provide will help you digitise your documents such as purchase orders, invoices and other accounts and payable documents, and convert them into digital records that can be identified and processed easily. Tailored workflow systems can also be created to maximise the effectiveness the financial management of your educational institution.

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Rapid Application Development (RAD)

Build enterprise mobile apps faster on a low code platform.

Building an app can be a long and complicated process for organizations without powerful tech capacity and experts. But fortunately, our low code RAD platform makes it much easier. The platform can help clients create mobile and web apps 10x faster in a collaborative visual modelling environment, with less resources. Improve sales order management, supply management, get real-time information and oversee the whole process from design to delivery by building smart apps.

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