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Pre-press & Publishing

Data Capture

Quality Data Capture solution for OCR, ICR, OMR and other kinds of data processing.

Have many past publications stored on the shelves or even in the warehouses? We have just the right solution to help you quickly digitise all your documents. Our scanning and capture technologies accurately extracts information from all sources, e.g. PDFs, paper forms, images and so forth, providing fast, efficient and reliable digital documentations for all your storage and publishing needs.

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Data Archiving

Archive your documents securely with our SAP certified enterprise content management solution.

Data archiving is a very important process in the publication line, to ensure the publication data collection is well-preserve and readily available to all. Our data archiving solution provides an effective management of large amount of data in one central location, supplemented with advanced search functions for easy retrieval of a particular data, thus increasing your efficiency and effectiveness in data management.

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Pre-press Workflow

Reliably sustain your pre-press processes through this scalable and cost-saving workflow.

The effectiveness of your overall publishing operations greatly relies on the workflow systems in place. An excellent pre-press workflow solution will help printers produce high quality work quickly and cost effectively. The pre-press solution that we provide puts together all the tasks associated with planning, automation and control of pre-press back-ends in one unified workflow. This greatly improves collaboration across all departments, empowering employees to take quicker actions and make smarter decisions. In return, your business will experience greater efficiency and obtain maximum value from all its resources.

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Contract Management

Manage your contracts securely and efficiently.

Contract management is an important aspect of managing business relationships with all parties, whether businesses, authors, distributors etc. Our contract management solution is designed to significantly improve the efficiency of your contracting processes. The solution supports the complete life-cycle of a contract, from contract creation and acquisition to contract provision and termination. Store all your contracts in one central location to ensure that they are well-organized and easy to find.

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Human Resource Records Management

Automate and better manage your HR processes for maximum operational efficiency.

Our HR Record Management solution is designed to help you improve your HR operations more efficiently, via system automation. In an industry that is increasingly challenging and labour intensive, it is important to have a good HR management system in place to keep the overall productivity of your organization optimized. Conveniently manage your HR processes such as staffing, employee compensation, leaves, claims and more from one centralized location, and create strong workflows to manage staff admin issues like leaves and appraisals, all by using our HR management solution.

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Invoice Processing

Fast & accurate invoice capture and archival.

An efficient and reliable billing system is crucial in business day-to-day operations. Our solution can help you digitise your invoices, purchase orders, subscription billings and other accounts payable and receivable documents, then convert them into digital records that are easy to process. This saves the cost on manual labour by eliminating manual indexing of these documents, and reduces human errors from manual data entry.

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XML Publishing Solution

End-to-end XML publishing system for easier and faster XML processing.

XML data being retrieved from various sources, often is poorly structured and redundant. Our XML publishing solution can easily automate the composition and pagination of your XML data. By utilising a pre-defined XML formatting, your publishing team will be able to generate an emphasized, clear, compatible content with ease. This saves them a lot of trouble of having to go through the same process repeatedly in different stages in a publication process. Your XML content can then be exported, imported, or simply moved to any desired location. In turn, your publication line will be able to reduce management cost, produce quality contents and increase the production output.

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