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Banking & Finance

Data Capture

Quality Data Capture solution for OCR, ICR, OMR and other kinds of data processing.

While some banks and financial institutions have already started adopting e-payments, some are still relying on paper documentations. Our solution is designed to help organizations quickly digitise their documentations via quality scanning and data capture technologies. We help you accurately extract information from all sources, e.g. PDFs, paper forms, invoices, charts, images, barcodes etc., and allow you to efficiently handle your digital documents.

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Data Archiving

Archive your documents securely with our SAP certified enterprise content management solution.

Looking for a document management system with archiving? Our solution is designed to help improve document management for any organization. Documents such as reports and analysis, purchase orders and invoices, agreements and policies, and etc. will be kept in an organized, centralized digital compartment for fast retrieval. By implementing the solution, you will be able to capture, store, edit and disseminate them electronically to specific locations, thus enhancing productivity.

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Customer Experience Management

Effectively manage customer requests to improving customer service and increase customer satisfaction.

Quickly attending to customers' requests, complaints and feedback is important to maintain customer satisfaction and continue being the top-of-mind brand for those customers. Our solution helps you better manage customer interactions by classifying them into categories, automatically routing them to the right person-in-charge, and sending alerts or escalation if cases are not resolved within a certain time frame.

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Contract Management

Manage your contracts securely and efficiently.

A contract management is a critical component in any insurance company. Not only to maintain full coverage throughout the term of the clients’ contract, but also to provide full protection and security for agents and business owners. Our contract management solution supports the complete life-cycle of a contract, from contract creation and acquisition to contract provision and termination. Our reliable solution will help to ensure all the contracts are well-organized and can easily be located when needed.

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Case Management

Workflow automation solution to help you better manage cases and escalations.

Our case management solution is meant to help your financial institutions improve on its overall productivity via enhanced problem-solving approach. Managing operations in banks and financial institutions often involves a lot of complaints, feedbacks and queries. We can help you compile all of these and classify them into separate identifiable cases before transferring them to the person-in-charge. Essentially, this will speed up the process of solving any urgent issues.

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Sponsorship Management

Increase efficiency and automate your sponsorship granting processes.

Many organizations in the banking industry have organized their own sponsorship programs as part of their CSR or marketing initiatives, such as financial sponsorship for events, NGOs and start-ups. Requests for sponsorship can be overwhelming and consumes a lot of time to shortlist and get approvals. Our solution covers the process of managing sponsorship from retrieving and evaluating sponsorship requests to shortlisting eligible applicants and awarding them the sponsorships. And is designed to reduce manual labour and enable easier and faster confirmation of sponsorship requests.

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Invoice Processing

Fast & accurate invoice capture and archival.

Having an efficient and reliable billing system is crucial especially in the front-facing banking industry. Our solution can help you digitise your invoices, purchase orders, subscription billings and other accounts payable and receivable documents, then convert them into digital records that are easy to process. This saves your cost on manual labour by eliminating manual indexing of these documents, and reduces human errors from manual data entry.

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XML Publishing Solution

End-to-end XML publishing system for easier and faster XML processing.

Even in the banking and finance industry, many still lack strategic approach to XML. Our XML publishing solution can easily automate the composition and pagination of your XML data. By utilising a pre-defined XML formatting, you will be able to generate an emphasized, clear, compatible content with ease. This saves them a lot of trouble of having to go through the same process repeatedly in different stages in a publication process. The processed XML content can then be exported, imported, or simply moved to any desired location. In turn, your publication line will be able to reduce management cost, produce quality contents and increase the production output.

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Rapid Application Development (RAD)

Build enterprise mobile apps faster on a low code platform.

Technology and consumer trends change so fast, we often find a higher demand for app development than the available IT capacity to deliver. That changes with RAD. Our low code platform helps clients create and continuously improve mobile and web apps at scale. Create any kind of apps - mobile banking apps, crowd funding apps, application tracking apps etc. 10x faster while using 70% less resources!

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