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Data Capture

Quality Data Capture solution for OCR, ICR, OMR and other kinds of data processing.

Our solution is designed to improve the efficiency and quality of documentation. Up till today, many companies still have warehouses full of paper documents from the past. Our scanning and capture technologies accurately extracts information from all sources, e.g. PDFs, paper forms, invoices, charts, images, barcodes and so forth, providing fast, efficient and reliable digital documentations for all your needs.

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Data Archiving

Archive your documents securely with our SAP certified enterprise content management solution.

Too many versions of creative works? Difficulty in searching and retrieving these works? A good and reliable archiving system is all that you need. Our solution provides an effective management of large amount of data in one central location, supplemented with advanced search functions for easy retrieval of a particular data, thus increasing your efficiency and effectiveness in data management.

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Pre-press Workflow

Reliably sustain your pre-press processes through this scalable and cost-saving workflow.

An excellent pre-press workflow solution will help printers produce high quality work quickly and cost effectively. The pre-press solution that we provide will ease your pre-press process by putting together all the tasks associated with planning, automation and control of pre-press back-ends in one unified workflow. By installing a seamless pre-press workflow, you can take quicker actions and make smarter decisions, and be confident that your business is getting the maximum value and efficiency from all its resources.

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Contract Management

Manage your contracts securely and efficiently.

Contract management is always a challenge for any industry. Having to juggle each different type of contract is a hefty task, especially considering that each one needs to be clear-cut and accurate in order to bring about the desired results. Our contract management solution is designed to significantly improve the efficiency of your contracting processes, from contract creation and acquisition to contract provision and termination, all in one central location. Thus, ensuring all contracts are well-organized and can easily be located when needed.

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Human Resource Records Management

Automate and better manage your HR processes for maximum operational efficiency.

Our HR Record Management solution is designed to help you improve your HR operations more efficiently, via system automation. In an industry that is increasingly challenging and labour intensive, it is important to have a good HR management system in place to keep the overall productivity of your organization optimized. Conveniently manage your HR processes such as staffing, employee compensation, leaves, claims and more from one centralized location.

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Invoice Processing

Fast & accurate invoice capture and archival.

Cutting invoice processing time from months to just in a few weeks does help in reducing the burden and stress of the people in any company, especially in the finance department. The invoice processing solution that we provide can help you digitise your invoices, purchase orders, subscription billings and other accounts payable and receivable documents, then convert them into digital records that are easy to process. This saves the cost on manual labour by eliminating manual indexing of these documents, and reduces human errors from manual data entry.

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Image Enhancement

Edit high volume images to the highest standards at high speeds.

A good ad image captures attention and works as a convincer, but it often takes a lot of the designer’s time to perfect an image, from adjusting the sharpness, brightness, contrast, color balance to applying filters, removing blemishes and more. Having an image enhancement solution in place allows your designers to process high volume of images at a fast pace, making them more striking, inviting, alive, and eye catching.

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