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In today's competitive market, Mendix's low-code rapid application development tools empowers both business and IT teams to effectively collaborate and build mobile and web apps 10x times faster and with more flexibility than traditional methods of development.

Advantages of Mendix RAD

Faster Time to Market

Faster time to market is critical in order to stay competitive. Having the ability to release production-ready apps faster can be the key to winning initial market share, while gradually adding new features and functionality before launching the full version.

Risk Reduction

The ability to quickly create and share working prototypes allows the business to review functionality earlier in the application life cycle, helping to avoid rework that could derail the entire project.

Constant User Feedback

There is nothing more important than obtaining relevant user feedback during software development. RAD offers almost continual feedback from end users, providing developers invaluable evaluation and criticism that improves software quality of the final application.

Increased Flexibility

Since each module is regarded as a separate prototype, your app can get tested by end users before it is launched. Any adjustment can be easily implemented because it affects one application model and not the whole implementation. Therefore, important changes can be easily integrated during the application development process.

Go From Idea to App in Minutes


Determine the goals and requirements for the project.


The user design is built through various prototype iterations.


The final product is tested and tweaked until it meets expectations.


App is taken live for full-scale testing and training.

A Feature-rich App Development Platform

Go Low-Code

Rapid application development capabilities that abstract away from code and focus on visual modeling and business logic workflows

Make Apps Fast

A vibrant marketplace to accelerate productivity with hundreds of pre-built app components, templates and

Deploy Anywhere

One-click deployment to any environment, including cloud or on-premises options

Multi-channel User Experiences

Multi-channel, multi-device layout options to provide a great user experience across desktop, mobile, and tablet interfaces

Collaborative Visual Development

Social collaboration features to engage stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle

Scale Without Redesign

Centralized app governance and management features to enable more users without impacting performance, security or scalability

Integrate Mendix With Industry-Leading Enterprise Platforms


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Downloads for Mendix RAD


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Webinars for Mendix RAD

On-Demand Webinar

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