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Rapid Application Development

Design, develop, and maintain enterprise grade applications rapidly with low to no coding required

Rapid App Development (RAD)

Low-code platform that builds web & mobile apps 10x faster, at scale.

Need to build enterprise mobile apps? Rapid Application Development (RAD) platform allows you to build many apps 10x faster with very minimal to almost zero coding needed. With our complete web and mobile application development platform, business-domain experts and app developers can easily design enterprise-grade apps with strong branding and great UI, UX. The platform is well-equipped with collaborative visual development tools, multi-cloud deployment options, DevOps inbuilt capabilities, pre-built connectors for the Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Cognitive Services, Predictive Analytics and more.


Increased Efficiency, ECM, enterprise content management system
Increased Efficiency
  • Automated Deployment Management 1-click deployment mechanism to easily deploy apps.
Seamless Integration
Seamless Integration
  • Seamlessly integrate with APIs of other applications and services
  • Standard settings to fit any operating systems, convenient for Android and IOS app developer.
Automated Reporting
Automated Reporting
  • App performance reporting.
  • Big data analysis.
Multiple Users
Multiple Users
  • Facilitate real-time collaboration between your business and IT teams through an intuitive web portal, and app-specific social media feed for cross-functional communication.
Data Security
Data Security
  • Maintain the confidentiality of sensitive information in a controlled manner.
  • Automatically recover and restore applications if the service is interrupted.
  • The application models follow the highest enterprise security standards, defined by ISO and ISAE.
  • Two-factor authentication to configure user access rights to production environment.
Unprecedented Speed
Unprecedented Speed
  • Fast mobile and web app developer with low to no coding required.
  • Visual modelling tools and app store building blocks allow fast construction of apps and system workflows
  • Rapid UI development via wide selections of pre-configured widgets, themes, navigation layouts, page-templates, building blocks and more.
Special Features
Special Features
  • Reusable inbuilt components - Support the entire life-cycle of an app from designing, building, testing, deploying and iterating.
  • Built-in DevOps Capabilities - Foster continuous integration, application monitoring and automated deployment to cloud of your choice or on-premises.
    • DevOps Toolset Integration: Foster continuous integration with Jenkins, Gitlab CI or your existing DevOps toolset.
    • Multi-cloud deployment: Based on Cloud Foundry, apps are deployable on Docker containers, allowing flexibility to deploy on a wide range of public or private cloud options, and on-premise servers. Supported with 12-factor principles to ensure compatibility with future technology.
    • Microservices Architecture: Ability to split an app’s functionalities into separate smaller services/modules, where small autonomous teams can develop, deploy and scale their services independently. This makes an app easy to understand, develop, test, and more resilient towards bugs and crashes.
  • Version Control: Record changes in the platform and compare against other revisions to detect conflicts and manage updates.
  • Automated Alerts: Enhance monitoring ability throughout an app lifecycle.
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