Publishing and Translation Solutions

End-to-End Translation Management Systems and Publishing solutions to meet your complex publishing and translation needs

Translation Management System

A complete translation management system that learns to deliver accurate, consistent and reliable translations.

Looking for an easy and secure translation management system to localize your company products and marketing deliverables? Get high quality document translations done while saving time and cost! With a central platform that consists multi language database, editors and translators (internal and external) can collaborate to work on multiple translation projects, with access to consistent data. They can also assign projects and track work progress in a quick and easy manner.


Special Features, Translation management system
Special Features

Terminology Database - Reuse translated words, definitions or figures stored in the terminology database for faster translation process.

Multiple Users, Document translation software
Multiple Users

Platform allows multiple individuals to collaborate in translation projects more smoothly.

Increased Efficiency, Accurate and reliable translation
Increased Efficiency
  • Universal Encryption for high profile information.
  • Works offline.
  • Safely accessible, traceable on mobile devices and apps.
Seamless Integration, Multi language database translation
Seamless Integration

Customizable settings to integrate with your existing systems.

Transparent Audit Log, Translation management system
Transparent Audit Log

Allows traceability of changes made in the translation documents.

Data Security, Document translation software
Data Security

Data encryption is provided to help secure your translation projects.

Cross-Industry, Accurate and reliable translation

Suitable for enterprises of any industries.

XML Publishing System

Professional publisher software to automate your XML publishing process.

Whether you have been working with XML language for years or still new at it, the task of creating and editing work within the dynamics of XML has never been easy. Increase your production throughput with our high quality XML publishing system, by automating the composition and pagination of multiple data types into print-ready, actionable PostScript, PDFs.

The end-to-end xml publishing workflow that integrates with the solution, allows you to produce a high-volume, complex publications that demands a rapid turnaround, text and graphics input from multiple sources, and output in a variety of formats and media. Some documents that we helped produce are the technical manuals, scientific journals, industrial catalogues, directories, textbooks, and even legal and financial documents.


Increased Efficiency, High quality XML publishing system
Increased Efficiency
  • Supports loose-leaf publishing & batch and interactive workflows.
  • Eliminates manual processes associated with desktop publishing programs.
  • Interactive page layout enables user to modify the page design of any element on a page.
Seamless Integration, End-to-end xml publishing workflow
Seamless Integration
  • Integrates well with your existing applications/systems/workflows. E.g.: A web or structured-content management system, portal or other web-oriented solution.
  • Supports almost all different graphic formats (EPS, TIFF, JPEG, PDF, SVG, CGM)
Special Features, Professional publisher software
Special Features
  • Robust tabular and math composition
  • Float graphics or tables to the best space on the page or across pages.
  • Reusable typographic style libraries.
  • Tint and pattern package supporting both process (CMYK) and spot colour definition.
  • Automatic hyperlinking and extensive footnote capabilities
  • Sophisticated mark tracing and black-lining control.
  • Support multiple languages, up to 30 languages.
  • Export XML content for further XSLT transformation to ePub, EDGAR, HTML, RTF, DITA and etc.
Unprecedented Speed, Automate XML publishing process
Unprecedented Speed

Shortens page turnaround time by automating the process of turning multiple data types into print-ready PostScript, PDFs and ePub.