Data Capture

Quality Optical Mark (OMR) data capture solution for school exams.

Every educational institution needs a good marking system that can guarantee the accuracy of the examination results. Datamation provides the best end-to-end solution to meet your test and exam needs. Our OMR solution makes your marking process faster and more accurate, by using top quality sheets and machines. We also provide technical aids in the event of any technical faults during the scanning process. Reports with raw data can also be generated to help you further analyse the test results.


Data Archiving

Archive your documents securely with our SAP certified enterprise content management solution.

Our archiving solution is designed to help ease the administering process of physical documents, as managing a huge quantity of documents consumes a lot of time and staff resource. Our data archiving solution provides an effective management of all documents in one central location, along with advance search functions for easy retrieval of information, thus increasing your efficiency in handling documents. For example, when students appeal for re-marks, it’s much faster and easier to search and access those papers and route them to designated individuals, allowing re-mark to happen without having to go through piles of physical documents. The system is also equipped with audit trails to ensure the transparency and longevity of your documents.


Human Resource Records Management

Automate and better manage your HR processes for maximum operational efficiency.

The HR Records Management solution that we provide is designed to help you improve on your HR operations more efficiently, via system automation. In the education industry, whether you’re from government or private sector, representing primary, secondary, or tertiary school, getting your HR documentation process automated can vastly help you! Streamline your student on-boarding process by auto-screening your candidates based on your defined criteria, easily secure and organize all your documents in one place, manage staff administration issues like leave and appraisal through flexible workflow solutions – these are just snippets of what we can do for you.


Scholarship Management

Increase efficiency and automate your scholarship granting processes.

Many hospitals and medical centres now have their own sponsorship programs as part of their operations or CSR, e.g. financial sponsorship for courses, events, NGOs, start-ups and so forth. Requests for sponsorship can be overwhelming and consumes a lot of time to shortlist and get approvals. Our solution covers the process of managing sponsorship from retrieving and evaluating sponsorship requests to shortlisting eligible applicants and awarding them the sponsorships. And is designed to reduce manual labour and enable easier and faster confirmation of sponsorship requests.


Contract Management

Manage your contracts securely and efficiently.

Contracts are heavily used in both the private and government educational sectors, and the process of managing the lifecycle of each contract can be time consuming. Thus having a right system in place will ensure all contracts and other legal documents are in order and can easily be located when needed. By providing an easy access to all legal documents, this will also enhance your institution’s transparency and accountability. Our solution supports the complete life-cycle of a contract, from contract creation and acquisition, to contract provision and termination.


Invoice Processing

Fast & accurate invoice capture and archival.

Every educational institution needs a financial system that can enable them to manage and govern their finances efficiently. The solution that we provide will help you digitize your documents such as purchase orders, invoices and other accounts and payable documents, and convert them into digital records that can be identified and processed easily. Tailored workflow systems can also be created to maximize the effectiveness the financial management of your educational institution.


Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)

Business intelligence solution to ease financial planning, data mining and other analysis activities.

In order for the educational institutions to perform well, they need to leverage the data in hand and monitor the effectiveness of their day-to-day processes. Our EPM solution allows you to effectively analyse data collected from multiple sources and report information in meaningful formats. This will not only ease your performance monitoring process but also help in further planning, budgeting, forecasting and more, providing the extensive visibility and planning capabilities to help you fulfil your educational objectives.


Data Security

Prevent data leakage with this people centric data security solution.

Data breaches within the education industry has increased exponentially in the last few years, where documents are copied and spread out without authorisation, for example leakage of national exam papers days or weeks before the exams. Our people centric data security solution is designed to help any organisation prevent data leakage, manage their data security and policy, and educate their employees on different aspects of data protection. With our solution, you can monitor user behaviours and have total control over the movement and management of data across all digital platforms in your organisation.


Electronic Advertising Delivery Services via EADSworld

Thinking of advertising your services on newspapers or magazines? Skip all the last-minute printing issues with the press and deliver your ads via EADSworld. The service helps you validate, pre-flight and post-flight your ad to identify and fix printing issues such as corrupted images and fonts, imbalance ink weight and colour spaces, convert RGB to CMYK colour output and more with just two easy steps.